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Jan 2018

Advantages of rainwater harvesting in homes

Advantages of rainwater harvesting in homes

Rainwater is one of the best of Mother Nature. Thus, rather than wasting it, we take measures too wisely conserve the water, it will help in reusing it for a better cause. Rainwater harvesting is basically a process of storing and collecting water in natural reservoirs or the tanks from surfaces that rain has fallen upon. Not only this revives the groundwater level but helps to save electricity/energy being consumed by submersible pumps to provide daily water supply.

Why should we conserve water? The advantages involved

Harvesting and collecting rainwater every day has a lot of advantages. Let’s have look at some of them:

Reduced dependency on utility bills

Using rainwater on daily chores reduces the amount of consumption of water. As a result, the expense on utility bills decreases substantially. The experts claim that one reduce by 50-60% if one act smart as well as use it wisely.

Reduced dependency on dams

Once we begin using conserved rainwater to satisfy our daily need, it substantially reduces the dependency on the dams. It also leads to cut the cost which is involved to extract the water from dams.

Prevent soil erosion

The stored rainwater avoids soil erosions as it reduces the flow of stormwater. Furthermore, it prevents modern flooding as well.

Less harm to groundwater level

We all know that the collected rainwater can actually be used for washing clothes, and undertake kitchen-related tasks like house cleaning, and dishwashing. This would expand the groundwater level as well as cause lesser harm.

How to conserve rainwater?

The process of collecting rainwater from building the roof is known as the rainwater harvesting. With the due course of time, water harvesting has come up enormously. There are various ways to enjoy clean as well as useful water generated by rainwater harvesting. Take a look at some of these here:

Rain barrels

There are the most popular methods of rainwater harvesting in present times. In order to harvest rainwater, one must install barrel that has drainpipe in which water will flow down for the collection of rainwater. Such the barrels are pretty easy to use as well as are easily available in the market.

Wet harvesting

It is basically the process were a collection of rainwater is underground so that various drainpipes can somewhat be connected from varied gutters. It allows the facilities to collect the water from numerous places and source it anywhere.

Dry systems

In the process, water is collected from a rooftop as well as allowed to dry after rain. It certainly has the potential to store rainwater in the higher volumes.

Rainwater harvesting is a sage move and one must adhere to it, whether our independent homes or a housing complex. Not only does it help in cutting the personal expenses, but it also addresses water scarcity problems in the neighborhood.


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