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Mar 2015

From beautiful views to balcony blues

From beautiful views to balcony blues

A balcony is an extension of a home; a traditional structure that has a fixed place in an architect’s blueprint despite dynamic phases of rapidly evolving style and design. These unique architectural spaces successfully pass the test of time not only due to their historical significance, but also due to the myriad of usage options they provide to homeowners. In the modern world, however, space and time constraints bring the practicality of balconies under question.

A nature-lover can transform his or her balcony into a pristine green sanctuary, complete with a myriad of potted plants and fragrant flowers. An impeccable medley of fresh greenery and stylish modern architecture will transform any balcony into the perfect haven for one to revel in the outdoors, within the security of one’s own home!

Drinking a steaming hot cup of chai outdoors in a comfortable chair on a cool, rainy day is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. One may reminisce about the long days spent with Granny on those very chairs, listening to her vivid stories and watching magically them come to life, while breathing in the pure, fresh air.

One may choose to clutter up his or her balcony, or one may leave it untouched. A bare balcony is by no means useless. One can pace around, gather his or her thoughts, and gaze into the distance with no distractions. A balcony such as this would serve as a private space to block out confusing thoughts and provide stress relief!

The question still remains: With rising housing prices and smaller living spaces, is it worth compensating part of a home for a balcony? One should consider its degree of necessity for oneself, before making any such sacrifices.


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