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Mar 2015

Garden Homes

Garden Homes

A home isn’t just a concrete jungle of man-made creations; it is a haven enveloped with positivity, safety and familial affection. To bring completion to this medley of emotion and design, one must infuse with it an element of nature.

In a world where rapid growth and industrialization is in central focus, one must not forget to immerse oneself in the calm and beauty of God’s own magnificence. Indoor gardening proves to be a simple relaxation technique to those who are too busy to revel in nature’s glory, outdoors. Instead of splurging on décor, one can beautify the vacant corners of the home by introducing a myriad of colors in the form of ruby red hibiscus, elegant snow colored roses, exotic purple orchids, gorgeous burgundy chrysanthemums, and lilies the color of sapphires. Not only will these flowers add aesthetic appeal, but also a refreshing, sweet-smelling fragrance that would waft around the house and compose the body and mind.

Indoors, one need not worry about garden pests, improper weather conditions or lack of seasonality, as with modern-day technology, these can be regulated according to the requirements of the plant in question. Add to this, enjoying the taste and health benefits of eating delicious pesticide free strawberries in summer, or juicy mangoes in winter, as well as breathing in the fresh, oxygen-rich air contributed by these plants. Or sell homegrown organic fruits and veggies – and make money!

Filling your home with an assortment of beautiful floral, scented hues, emerald green leaves, and fresh, chemical-free fruits and vegetables is an inventive and practical way to make use of space. Merge the advantages of technology and the bountiful treasures that are not fabricated or manufactured; to create the perfect balance between stylish sofas and dainty daffodils. It would indeed make home a sweet home - an ideal living space for all.


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