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Jan 2018

Home renovation myths

Home renovation myths

Remodeling is important for each home and involves strict timelines for the successful completion. While some do undertake the mammoth project of renovation to make their homes look beautiful, others do it to escalate property value before listing it for sale. Whatever may the reason be, there are several myths that are involved in the renovation of a home in order to have the seamless experience, here we share some prevailing myths a homeowner should be aware of.

It is expensive

Remodeling is certainly not an expensive affair if you set the budget limit for yourself and stick to it no matter what. At times, what happens is that irrespective of setting the upper limit of Rs 10 per square feet for a tile, you end up opting for a tile which costs Rs 25 per square feet. The habit to not buy the raw material within the budget will spike up the complete cost on the renovation. Thus, you should plan well in advance rather than regretting your decisions later.

Do it yourself

Certainly, renovation is a technical task and requires expertise as well as specific skill set which can’t be addressed by a layman. It is advised not to take up such tasks yourself. Instead, seek professional help or assistance to undertake the job. Also, such experiments can lead to fatal accidents.

Remodeling takes a long time

If you are planning in advance and carry-out some solid research on the time period taken in remodeling a house, it won’t be a time-consuming affair. The process is delayed because of the constant alterations to the actual plan as well as the design or the product. For instance, if you don’t like the door that was ordered by the contractor and it has been reordered, t would, of course, take 5-6 working days to deliver which is automatically stretch the time period for the process of remodeling.

Alterations during renovation starting renovation remodeling process with planning are the safest bet rather than making some continuous alterations to ongoing work as it might create chaos and confusion. If your planning is in the head and not a blueprint, you will end up making the repetitive changes to the layouts. Thus, in order to avoid the situations, sit down with the contractor and discuss the ideas. Ask him to show the blueprints of the floor plan as well as make corrections in it. This will certainly bring out the best results at completion.

Opting for economical and contractor is harmless

In hope of saving costs as well as keeping the expenses limited, it’s common to opt for the contractor who charges less. In the process, however, compromising with quality, you can end up paying the repetitive repairs that might be required later. For example, f you have quotations from three contractors, choosing least expensive can backfire if you do not conduct the background check on contractor quality. It is advised to go for one with the skilled workforce as well as has a sound reputation in the market.

Appearance is more important

The inhabitants make changes to the abode at times get fooled by appearance and not the simplicity or purpose of the design. Preferably, before finalizing the contractor, don’t go with the appearance of the handiwork but look at the utility of trend of design as that is certainly more important.

Before you plan the renovation process, make sure that you are aware of the remodeling purpose behind the beautification of your house or the functional aspect. Definitely, this can help in earmarking the budget, shortlisting contractors and tallying the changes that are made at every step.


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