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Feb 2018

Interesting ways to use corners of your home

Interesting ways to use corners of your home

The wall corners are the most neglected areas of the home when it comes especially to decorating or styling the interiors. Even if you plan to decorate the area, you end up placing a huge lamp or a plant. There are, however, various other ways of decorating corners of course, in an interesting way.

Here are some innovative and unique ideas to provide those corners a fresh and new look-

Create a library

Have huge book stack and plan to stock it in one specific place. Use the corner and create hanging bookshelf or any L-shaped to display the book collection in the mini library.

Tuck a bed under staircase

If you have a duplex house with staircase indoors, make use of corner area underneath placing a bed. The bed size depends on the size of the available area. You can also use the bed as the cozy personal zone to sit with a book and a cup coffee.

Space for cabinets in kitchen

The kitchen corners are generally left unused. You can, of course, use the corners to place the customized cabinets as well as additional storage to the modular kitchen.

Place a tiny closet

If you have sufficient space in any corners of your house, create a tiny closet to keep some things. Easily you can do it by installing the closet rod between the two corner walls.

Create a mini office

If you need to create your mini office at your house and have not been able to as you think there is not sufficient space, think about it again! You do have the corners. Use these in your room to create your mini office by installing L-shaped workstation. Also, you can get the cabinet to store files and other office stationery.

Your own mini bar

You can transform the living room corners into a mini bar. It could be very useful to keep your favorite drinks in the wine cabinet.

Create the sitting area

If you prefer to add more of sitting space in the room but lack space for added furniture, make use of the corners. You can get an L-shaped sofa or keep chairs to use the area as the sitting space.

Get wall shelves

The traditional way of doing up corners is installing the wall shelves. These can actually be used to place books, artifacts and decorative and immediately brighten up the corner.

Hang a hammock swing

An interesting way of creating some magic with the corners is by hanging the hammock swing. It will help in making an appropriate use of the space as well as add some style quotient to the room décor.

Create a photo wall

You certainly don’t require a huge wall to get your favorite photo wall at home. Make use of the corner as your gallery by hanging art or your best pictures in varied frame sizes. Also, you can use it as the family wall by placing pictures or images of your family tree.


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