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Jun 2020



Luxury brands have been looking up for the quality of their products and how they treat their customers. Such brands constantly strive to raise the bar. But luxury-level services doesn't have to come with products but one can implement these high-end customer service practices in business.

Brands, Companies must be having same pattern where everyone believes luxury market is all about honesty & comfort. After reaching some of close contacts like Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Colleagues & others, found how they really want to incorporate luxury-level customer services in their business.

In today's Business World, mostly all Real Estate Consultants are Vetted, Licensed & RERA Registered. But right Consultant can do wonders if he or she creates an unforgettable first impression for prospective customer whether one is buying or selling.

Offer Empathetic Customer Service : The most important thing team must have is empathy. Your reps may be knowledgeable about the product or business processes but customer won't feel well cared if they aren't treated with respect & understanding.
Customer Feedback : I have come across with a brilliant thought to perform quarterly score surveys with all respected customer to get an idea of how we and or team is really doing and where we needs improvement. Do have a visible improvement afterwards else of no use.
Track Customer Services : You cannot improve if you are not tracking it . Some company has very specific metrics such as the percentage of repeat customers.
Customer Concerns : Be available for your customers and one has to assure their concerns are your concerns as quick to respond is not the only way you should be available to customers.
Personalised Experiences : These days its more about the whole experience rather than just the product or service itself. We should push some extra miles in personalising and creating value in customer over all experience.
Lastly it's important to build relationship with customer so that they feel they are more than just a transaction. To end with a simple note, no company is too big or too small to provide customer with such excellent services.


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