When seeing is believing, having a prior perspective on a real estate property is highly recommended!

Our resourceful Real Estate Specialist extends their personalized services to help find right home buyers for you. Explore some of the happy home selling tips here.

The Yard Sign Goes Up, What Happens Next

Once you've done all the prep work to get your home ready to hit the market, the yard sign goes up and the process of marketing your home kicks into high gear.

The Home Inspection

Once you've successfully negotiated the terms of your agreement with a buyer, you typically move into the home inspection phase, which often times involves another set of negotiations.

What to Expect During the Appraisal Process

Every home is different, which is why it is important to work with your selling agent to notify the appraiser of everything that makes your home unique and different.

What Happens During Negotiations

No two negotiations are the same, but there are some typical processes to expect during this very important stage.

What to Expect at Closing

Closing is usually the last step in the home selling process. Here's a look at what to expect.

Prepping Your Home for Sale

A look at the opening phases of selling your home: from purging, to photography to staging.