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Mar 2015

Bizzare Homes - A style statement

Bizzare Homes - A style statement

A home is a reflection of the people residing within it; a unique haven designed and furnished according to the distinct personal taste and style of the homeowner. Chances of two homes being identical are close to none, even though personal styles may overlap. However, there are always distinguishable features that set homes apart from each other and inventive architects generate ideas that take these distinguishing features to whole new levels of creativity. These artistic prodigies design bizarre houses of wacky shapes, colors and sizes that defy the laws of physics and push builders to the ultimate extreme!

Imagine relaxing in a bubbling Jacuzzi in the cockpit of a Boeing 727 aeroplane, gazing at the picturesque view from the circular windows of a homely spaceship, sipping hot chai inside a gigantic kettle, feasting within a strawberry shaped abode, or snoozing within the confines of a beautifully layered seashell. These fantastic homes, however, come second to the stomach-turning, yet wondrous upside-down dwelling, an architectural miracle that comes with upside-down interior furnishings!

The toilet-shaped home ridiculous to most, offers a comfortable retreat to a few.

This home is a hilarious juxtaposition of impeccable panache, and the subject on which it is based – a toilet. This oddity has been constructed to draw attention to global sanitation issues - an effective campaign!

Other offbeat havens include shelters entirely built of ice, china, or glass bottles; ones situated in caves or high up in the trees; and outlandish ones shaped like cubes or bubbles. But there’s no need to go to such extremes to make a home stand out from the rest. Just a simple, innovative idea and you are home!


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