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Mar 2015

Coldwell Banker Propconsult Realty - Story of an Inspiration

Coldwell Banker Propconsult Realty - Story of an Inspiration

Although travelling has its own charm but Capt Parikshit Joshi was never in awe of settling abroad with its frills and perks. In his life’s journey, he always felt that being at home was more of an emotion, something that’s a part of you which no one can take away. When he met a like-minded CA, Rahul Sharma and a Developer, Aditya Talwar; who were also well-travelled with a refreshingly different attitude, he was overjoyed. The dynamic trio, with none of them even a day above 28 years met often to discuss how getting a dream home was fraught with tension, insecurity due to corruption and rampant malpractices and dwindling customer confidence. For these daring young men, this simply had to change. Their ideals and vision led to the birth of a dream, Propconsult Realty, a real estate brokerage firm that would eliminate all the inconvenience and hassle related to an average person’s search for that elusive home. To give their venture further credibility, they decided to associate with a name that had already garnered a reputation for trust and transparency in many parts of the world, Coldwell Banker®. The next step was to decide which locality will provide best access to patrons as a reassuring hub – an office, where they could welcome customers and build lasting relationships. Exhaustive study revealed that their niche market favored Andheri , a western suburb, as an easy-to-go-to place. Here, Rahul would aid in process and documentation, de-mystify statistics and numbers, facts and figures. For Aditya the office would be an oasis of professionalism, where patrons would not have to run from pillar-to-post, or battle nightmarish lawsuits thanks to unscrupulous middlemen or agents.

On 23rd July 2014, the dream came true, the entire Coldwell Banker India team welcomed them to the family with a hope and wish that what inspired them will inspire others as well. And today after 3 months their story inspired five more budding entrepreneurs who wanted a path of righteousness and integrity, in the field of real estate and they chose Coldwell Banker India.


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