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Feb 2018

New mode of commute for Mumbaikars- Waterways

New mode of commute for Mumbaikars- Waterways

Mumbai, being the financial capital of India, is the hub of logistics, warehousing and supplies goods as well as commodities to other parts of India and Major ports. The city is infamous for the congested roads as well as the traffic-related woes, major parts of this are basically caused by heavy vehicles like lorries, container trucks, etc. The situation, however, might change if center’s plan to carve in new sea routes takes shape. The trucks would enter the city roads and highways no more. Here is all that makes it a fresh new idea.

The plan

Presently the sea route between Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and Vasai-Virar Creek is proposed for transportation of goods. Also, this would complement by making use of sea route for the supply of stock to Island City through Mazgaon port.

For fulfilling this, there are two plans that have been proposed. The first plan is to acquire over 350 acres of salt pa land near Vasai-Virar Creek that would be converted into the depot for trucks to unload the goods which can be ferried to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust through sea route to Mazgaon. The goods can be unloaded as well as stored at the warehouses at Mumbai Port Trust and supplied to numerous locations across Mumbai.

Present scenario

The congestion at the peak hour due to the container truck is unavoidable along the Eastern and Western Express Highway that basically connects the suburban Mumbai with South Mumbai areas as well as Mazgaon Port. The situation recently was so grim that the traffic police of Mumbai banned the entry of all such trucks during the peak hours to avoid any traffic jams. Massive traffic jams on the express highway have become a common sight since the working on Metro route Dahisar to Andheri has begun. Also, the movement of vehicular is at times disrupted on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway due to the container trucks.

How will this impact the Mumbaikars?

The proposed plan will bring in the relief for the commuters who basically travel during the peak hours through roads. The container trucks create 40% of the total traffic jams and cause traffic and pollution on similar key arterial roads of the main city and the suburban as well. Apart from this, making use of the sea routes will decrease the traffic jams on roads, increase road life and reduce pollution. The proposed plan will bring in the complete transport system to water as well as would save the cost and increase the profit margins on the commodities and goods.


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