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Apr 2018

Create an Ornamental garden with pots and planters

Create an Ornamental garden with pots and planters

Gardens in housing complexes and homes are no longer just the open spaces with some unkempt plants. In present times, the homeowners design the ornamental gardens with swanky flora and fauna and some fancy pots and planters. Nowadays, gardening is more than just a hobby, with people making use of pots of several types to improve the décor o balconies, windows, open spaces, and terraces.
Depending on the garden theme, one can easily opt for outdoor or indoor pots or some hanging ones for a vertical garden.
With the development of landscaping as an art, people are becoming popular about pots that they keep in their garden. In fact, the pots are being designed as per vastu Shastra and Feng Shui along with some colorful pots that are shaped like ducks, rabbits, frogs and then there are pots in shape of potatoes, lettuce, watermelons, pumpkins, etc., for the kitchen gardens.
Options galore
Even banks, restaurants, offices and hotels are increasingly nurturing the plants, owing to the greater environmental awareness. Therefore, demand for attractive planters is actually increasing. Along with the earthen pots, one can also purchase pots made of terracotta, marble, ceramic, resin and other materials.
People are much aware of trendy options as well as desire pots, for outdoor as well as indoor use. The range basically includes ceramic stone pots, table tops, glazed pots, clay, hanging ceramic planters, cement planters and fancy wood-like planters.
Making use of planters to complement the overall décor
Nurturing plants at home can actually create a relaxing ambiance. People do look for earthen pots, ceramic pots, and colorful pots, especially in yellow, green and red.
From exquisite four feet tall pots, ceramic teapots, there is numerous choose from adorning the garden. The homeowners can choose from decorative porcelain pots. There, however, may be expensive as it isn’t mass produced. The planters can complement the eye-catching accessories such as table fountains, birdbaths, and lamps with can be used to beautify home gardens. Pots can easily be bought online from the malls and from nurseries as well as are available in the budget and suit several types of garden décor
Tips on selecting planters for home or the garden
• With the capacity to retain the moisture, clay pots are ideal for home plants
• To grow the vegetables, it is advisable to make use of the terracotta pots as these are porous and allows oxygen to reach the roots.
• Choose size as the depth of container as per plant’s size and not on how tall it grows year later.
• Pots have drainage holes, as it excess water can actually drain out, keep trays under pots, to make sure that excess water doesn’t spoil the floor.
• If you plan to change pot, make sure that new pots have a broad mouth, thus easily shift the plant.
• Ordinary earthen pots can actually make colorful with some oil paint. As per pots in various textures, colors as well as sizes to create a cohesive look for the garden.
• If space is an issue, pot for stands that can actually hold two or three pots.
• Use some glass bottles as well as jars to grow the money plants. Huge cups, kettles as well as painted aluminum kadais can be used to nurture the plants.
• Hanging baskets add visual appeal to the window sill.


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