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Mar 2015

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty

Coldwell Banker Principled Realty

The Ambition to change the face of Real estate in India

When we visited Knox Realty office for the first time, we hardly knew that we will meet a group of passionate individuals who want to make it big in the Real Estate Industry. We got to know from their experiences that how their ideologies are similar to that of Coldwell Banker® and how values like trust, business acumen and customer focus were innate in the team. Coldwell Banker India team unanimously came to a decision that if we could help them with our latest technology, innovative ideas and focused business approach, the team can make it big in the Real Estate industry.

During the transition phase, the team underwent rigorous real estate and sales training, we exposed them to latest tools and technology to manage their business efficiently and most importantly they were exposed to the Coldwell Banker culture. The entire team supported us and their enthusiasm reflected in the way they started conducting their business and especially the way they changed the décor of the entire office space. The office showcases a perfect blend of our mandatory house colors i.e. blue and white with modern art, memes and cartoons. It's a lively office space that has a voice of its own which is nothing less but welcoming. The sheer hospitality of the entire team actually makes you believe that real estate firms can be friendly and can actually help you find your dream home.

And with the onset of autumn, we welcomed the team of Knox Realty to Coldwell Banker India family as COLDWELL BANKER PRINCIPLED REALTY. As they say every accomplishment starts with the decision to try; the team changed the entire way they used to function and today they are one of the best Real Estate firms of the area.

Note: Just a glimpse of the office during Christmas season.


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