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May 2017

How to beat the heat this summers at home

How to beat the heat this summers at home

How to beat the heat this summer at home?

In summers it becomes very difficult to go out of the house but it is equally difficult to stay at home. People use many different ways to avoid summer heat inside their homes. The heat from the sun and the hot air makes the home like burning lava and one can't survive such humid and hot days without the blessing of the air conditioners. But the air from the air conditioner is neither perfect for breathing nor environment-friendly. So, here is a list of remedies to beat the summer heat.

Growing plants on the terrace

The nature-friendly and cost effective way to cool home is to grow plants on the terrace. In summers, cultivating plants and flowers on the terrace helps to make the home cooler naturally. The cost effective raw material to grow plants such as mud acts as an absorber and insulator towards the direct heat from the sun to keep the top not heated and hence the homes remain cool automatically.

Cool the roof of the home

The easiest way to cool the roof is to paint it with a light color. Cool Roofs are always the best as it reduces the impact of sunlight on homes. The painted roof remains cool and reduces the amount of heat entering the house. Cool roofs can drastically reduce a home's internal temperature if one doesn’t have access to an air conditioner.

Use cotton fabric to cover beds and sofas

Switching on to the light cotton material for beds and sofas is an easy way to keep the homes cool without affecting the interiors of the homes. The smooth texture of the cotton fabric will give a feeling of coolness as the light-colored fabric will not absorb the heat.

Avoid using water much during the day time
The temperature of water in the tanks which are placed on the top of the homes rises during the daytime. While using water during daytime, it creates high humidity inside the home. Excess use of water during the day time in summer leads to stickier and hotter homes. Avoid heat-generating activities such as dishwashing, cooking, during the hot hours of the day in summers.

Create homemade air conditioners

The homemade air conditioner can be easily used to create a cooling atmosphere in the home by placing a narrow bowl or container full of ice in front of the fan. The air flow will pick up the cold water from the surface of the ice as it melts which will create a cooling mist. This air conditioner is meant to keep the room cooler in summers.

Unplug/ Turnoff unnecessary electronic devices

It is always good to unplug or turn off the unnecessary electronic devices or lights when not in use for two important reasons- one to save energy and the other to avoid heat production. Everything that is plugged into the socket or turned on even for a lesser time produces heat which will increase the temperature inside the home. So, the appliances should be unplugged and the lights should be turned off during summers to avoid unnecessary heat production.

Home Ventilation

Home ventilation plays a major role in keeping the air inside the home fresh and helps in cooling down the room temperature. Cross-ventilation is a well-known phenomenon where opposite windows are kept open to let the air pass easily and cool the atmosphere. Only the window which doesn’t face the direct sunlight should be open during the day time for ventilation.

One can reduce the effect of the boiling sun during summers by using these easy in-house hacks and prevent themselves as well as their families from the heat. So, go ahead and enjoy a pleasing environment while being at home.


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