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Mar 2018

Ways for NRIs to invest in the stock market in India

Ways for NRIs to invest in the stock market in India

NRIs or Non-resident Indians who wish to invest in Indian securities markets wonder whether they will actually be able to manage operational procedures as well as paperwork involved in carrying the investments.

There are, however, numerous ways in which the investments can be facilitated as well as efficiently managed by Non-resident Indians.

Appointing the mandate holder

A mandate holder can actually be appointed to locally operate the NRE bank accounts of the non-resident Indian investor. The non-resident Indian must fill-up as well as sign the appointment of the mandate holder form that can actually be obtained from the bank. The KYC documents and the specimen signature of mandate holder should be submitted with the form. Once the mandate is registered, mandate holder can issue a cheque, draw a cheque, use ATM, make payments and make the deposits on behalf of the non-resident Indians.

Power of attorney

In order to give more freedom to the person who can actually act on the behalf of NRI, a power of attorney can execute in favor of the person by non-resident Indians.

The POA must execute on prescribed stamp paper as well as the purpose of POA must clearly be mentioned.

POA holder can make as well as redeem investments and carry-out important paperwork on the behalf of the non-resident Indians.

Online investing

If the non-resident Indian investors want to be hands-on when it actually comes to investing, instead of providing the authority to someone else, seamlessly carry-out the transactions by him on the online trading portals.

There are numerous trading portals of the brokers available for the non-resident Indian investors as well as register these are possible after opening the trading accounts with the broker.

Points to remember

• Non-resident Indian account holder can set the limits on the maximum amount of the debt that mandate the holder can make on the account.

• While the investing through POA, the notarized copy of POA is needed to be submitted to the KYC documents of POA holder

• Varied time zones may actually make it varied for the non-resident Indians to make the investments using the trading portals


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