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Jan 2018

Make use of pebbles to your home decor

Make use of pebbles to your home decor

Natural elements do have a charm of their own. They do make space feel alive as well as provide it positive touch. There are numerous ways in which one can bring nature inside the house without creating the mess. From the gorgeous indoor plants to the pieces of tree to seas shells or the pebbles, the choices are of course endless. Here are some ways to decorate the house while making use of pebbles of varied sizes, shapes, and colors.

The safest places to use the pebbles as the decorative items are in the meditation room. This is the room that needs to be surrounded by the natural elements the most. The simple logic behind it is that this is the place where one can relax after a long day at work. Arrange the table with a statue of Buddha, bamboo plant, some aromatic candles and pebbles in the meditation room to provide the space required feel.

Bring out the old photo frame as well as provide it a new look by the sticking the pebbles on the edges. Place the photo frame with the photographs of Buddha either in the meditation room or easily place with the family picture in the living room. The pebbles on edges will provide the picture frame that will be loved by all.

Bring some glass jars in the house and fill these with the pebbles of all kinds. Place these on the side table in the living room which is surrounded by some seashells. The combination of two natural elements will provide a positive house in the house like nothing else. One can burn some aromatic candles around it in evening for the punch of positivity in the house.

Give the bathing area a feel like a spa by adding some candles as well as the pebbles on the shelf next to the bathing tub. Close all sources of natural lights as well as light the candles for a pure spa feel. If you wish, one can keep varied natural elements with candles and pebbles.

Another greater idea for the meditation room would create foot impression out of the pebbles. Choose soft rug and place the pebbles on it in the manner that they look more like an impression of the foot. Similar to what it is shown in the image. One can paste pebbles on the rug to create the undisturbed look.


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