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Jun 2021

Home Automation Concept Will Be The Upcoming Real Estate Booster In India

Home Automation Concept Will Be The Upcoming Real Estate Booster In India

Home Automation concept will be the upcoming Real Estate booster in India.

As increasing numbers of people choose to make the capital in their future home, it’s only natural for the government and for developers to consider ways in which to improve the use of space & plans of the developments using new technologies. "Smart Home” concept will give you that legacy, where we can see the presentations of tech platform based setups with their innovations. It is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide cognitive awareness to objects that were in the past considered inanimate
Much of the residential property within these regeneration areas is being developed to a high standard, as a way of adhering to the future growth and improved reputation of these areas (Worldwide Realty Sector) using proptech introduction in the market.

Real Estates Modelers & Advancements:
Light Gauge Steel Framing Structures
Modular Construction
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning
UAV (Unmanned Aerial vehicles)

By Forbes report; Best Home Automation System Based Companies Worldwide.

Above companies are focusing on making essentials for Smart Home components rapidly across the market. Accordingly, each manufacturer tries to take the best share of its market. Thus, we found that USA manufacturers make better A/V systems than anyone in the world, while European brands are stronger in heating systems and lighting control.

Few examples of Smart Home devices running in the market;
* Amazon Echo (fourth-generation) the best smart speaker.
* Google Nest Mini. The other best smart speaker.
* Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) the best smart display for Google Assistant.
* Amazon Echo Show 8. The best smart display for Alexa.
* Google Nest Wi-Fi. The best mesh router.

Well-known Smart Home systems to be introduced in the market;
* Amazon Alexa.
* Google Assistant.
* Wink Hub.
* Samsung Smart-Things Hub.
* Best Lights: Philips Hue.
* Best Light Switch: TP-Link HS220.
* Best Thermostat: Eco bee Smart Thermostat.

Expected to be upcoming Smart Technologies;
* SMART Fridge.
* SMART Kitchen Appliances.
* SMART Key.
* SMART Antenna.
* SMART Air purifying.
* SMART Cleaning.
* SMART Parking.
* SMART Audits
* Smart Water System.

Technology moves fast and keeping up with the latest and greatest can be a struggle. Advanced home network, Remote access, advanced security system, lighting control, automated window treatments, distributed audio can relief you but each technology having their own advantages and disadvantages as well.

Full control
Energy saving
Time saving
Standard life
Insurance Benefits
Resale Value
Tax benefits to go green
Notified in trouble
Smooth & handy

Privacy concern
Security Issues
Significant Cost
Initial Learning’s
Surges are possible
Up-gradation cost

Should You Invest in a Smart Home?
Many important businesses across the market increase their value using tech platforms and AI. However, there are also some problems related to technical areas but the future is all about risk vs. reward.
In the end, you should carefully evaluate all the pros and cons in order to make a profound decision of whether you want to invest in a smart home or not.
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Rahul S Gaikwad
Head - International Business (USA-UK)


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