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Mar 2015

An oasis called home

An oasis called home

Ghar or gharonda, Aashiana or oasis – what does the word home mean to you? For many it evokes feelings of warmth, of a nest lovingly built in enchanting surroundings or a cocoon that has weathered several storms and can take on a few more.

It’s a place normally associated with the parental bonds of unsurpassable love and unconditional caring that seem to have been fused in every brick of the four-walled structure; which continues to provide memories of joyous occasions and even tearful moments. Treasure those birthday parties that begin at the stroke of midnight with hushed footsteps as kids can barely conceal their excitement and tiptoeing to the fridge for a late night snack; thinking everyone’s asleep, when suddenly the lights come on and you are caught with your hand in the ice cream! Then there are priceless other times like when the child takes its first step, begins to play peek-a-boo from behind the sofa, then learns to pedal the tricycle … The ultimate temple where children grow, youngsters spread their wings while Nana-Nani have endless arguments over where to place the potted plants and friendly banter across balconies, with residents in the next building.

Where bonds are nurtured with a special kind of togetherness that should be cherished more than gold. After all, no place in the world can match the flavor of daadi’s homecooked gajjar ka halwa, undhiyoo or payasam…

Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced life, community living has taken a backseat. Would you prefer to build your den close to your relatives or have a celebrity in the neighbourhood? Does the proximity of in-laws comfort you or quick access to airport and station?

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So even though today’s fast-paced life, has made community living take a backseat, home truly is a temple which resonates with the blessings and good wishes of near and dear ones. Isn’t this which makes an edifice a home, wherever you may be in the world?


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